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94-96 Đường số 2 Cư xá Đô thành, P.4, Q.3
Phone: (8428) 38 329 429 | Phone: 0902 322 361
Lầu 4, 143 Nguyễn Du, P. Bến Thành, Q.1
Phone: 0945 864 466

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Being foreigners, you might need advices of the Organizing Committee so that the event with SaigonDance will be a unforgettable memories. Here comes the advices:

+ Accommodation: We kindly encourage you to stay at the New Life Hotel, just a 2 minute walk to the SaigonDance Headquarter. If around it gets 20 students/a workshop, the Head Office will host it. If 30 or more, we will we will rent a larger venue and pick up students in the morning at the hotel and return them at the same place in the afternoon.

The Hotel offers clean and comfortable atmosphere and affordable price. All the masters will stay here. The hotel offers breakfast, and right in front of the hotel, there is a cafeteria, where you can enjoy good foods.

You should book room through Agoda where offers cheaper than direct booking: https://www.agoda.com/vi-vn/new-life-hotel/hotel/ho-chi-minh-city-vn.html?checkin=2018-09-16&los=1&adults=1&rooms=1&cid=1732230&tag=5b69e05f-b347-ae3b-26ee-2d56864b82c0&searchrequestid=caebf02a-a57a-4dde-a934-5c2287fc2675&tabbed=true

+ Transportation: In Saigon, grab, goviet, Vato are the preferred options because they offer cheap price and convenient service. Otherwise, taxis and motorbikes are within easy reach.

+ Meal and Drinks: There are many street food shopds around SaigonDance and New Life. The Banana Garden Market is famous for the all day-long food services. Along the Cao Thang, Vo Van Tan, Nguyen Dinh Chieu streets are hubs for famous Eurasian Arabian Restaurants where cater all your tastes. Nguyen Thuong Hien Street is well-known for night drinking. Just walk your legs, you will be spoiled for various choices. If you need to buy basic stuffs, right at the corner of the Street 3 and Nguyen Hien are 24h supermarkets and at the end of line 4 and Nguyen Hien lies a huge Japanese supermarket.

There are 4 vegetarian restaurants right on the Banana Garden Street, at the end of 4 Cao Thang alley or across the Nguyen Dinh afternoon where are affordable for all.

+ Going out: You can take part in free city tours, motorbike tours or group cyclo tours, or simply search Google for a favorite place. Belly dancers cannot help going to Ben Thanh cloth market, Soai Kình Lam accessory market. At night, you can visit Beirut 21 Ngo Duc Ke, District 1 to enjoy belly dance

If you stay longer, you make a tour to Mekong Delta, Cu Chi Tunnel, etc.

+ Security: One important thing to note is that in Saigon has robbery. Therefore, while sitting in a taxi, please remember to pull up windows to avoid highway heroes to rob car or cell phone. When going out, please hold tight your bag and cell phone. If you stay alert with this, Saigon is more than amazing. Saigon people are gentle and polite with attentive services, it is worth visiting and enjoying.

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