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What are new in Vietnam Belly dance Festival 2018 this?


The question is most concerned. Innovated – is the goal of SaigonDance. What are new?:

1. The performance is divided into two parts: Performance (Open Stage, Gala show) and Competition. Many dancers wonder about the division, while these two parts are combined in one day in other countries. From experience of other festivals, the organizing committee found that such combination would make competitors tired and not enjoy the performance. The do not feel cherished because of lack of attention while viewers are also overwhelmed by too many performance in one day.

Therefore, although the organizing committee will find more tired of working in 2 days, and it is more costly in renting the competition hall, they will try the best to make the program successful and bring utmost joy to viewers.

2. Professional dancer: For the first time, a dance teacher who is known all over the world, come from Egypt, lives all his life in Egypt, performs dance  in Egypt, absorbing all the elites will come to Vietnam. He is Tommy King.

3. In addition to cups and cash,  the organizing committee will make efforts to award a reasonable scholarship package so that winners will afford further dance learning.

4. The jury includes guest judges in order to reduce the burden of the Master Jury, at the same time to enable the Vietnamese Jury to learn more experience, and make competitors have more confidence because with 5 jury members will mark each category, no bias could happen.

5. For the first time, the choreographic bonus applies to the Professional Competition. This is a move to promote self-creativity for belly dancers so that they can prove themselves, accordingly, absolutely advance on the professional path.

Along this, with the great experience gained from the 4 past festivals, various dance events and long-standing knowledge of Ms. Ngan Nancy who stands behind the Festivals, the Organizing Committee do hope to bring full joy to all audience.

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