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(2nd Revision 22nd June 2018)


1. Candidates: All belly dance lovers locally and internationally, not limited to age, gender or nationality

2. Location: Theatre NHÀ THIẾU NHI QUẬN 10

Address: 139 Bắc Hải, Phường 14, Quận 10, TP Hồ Chí Minh

3. Formation: Group or Solo

Minimum 2 members and maximum 15 members in 1 group. Each candidate can join maximum 1 category as a soloist, and 1 group or maximum 2 groups but is not allowed to join 2 number solos in the same category.

4. Duration

– Not longer than 2.30 min for the category: Kids, Children and Amateur

– Not longer than 3 min for the category: Professional solo and group

We will not accept any performances that longer than allowed duration.

 Competition fee

Formation Early bird

(Before 1st Oct)

At gate

(from 1st Oct to 11th Nov)

Solo 15USD 25USD

Payment made via

– Cash at SaigonDance 96 Đường số 2 Cư xá đô thành Phường 4 Quận 3 or 85 Phạm Huy Thông, Gò Vấp

– Bank: Trần Thị Kim Ngân , STK: 14020116385019, Ngân hàng Techcombank Bùi Thị Xuân

– USD from abroad: 0240108460690015 Saigon Commercial Bank , Swift code SACLVNVX Tran Thi Kim Ngan

After 15th Oct, if the payment has been made, we will inform later if the candidates or

join or not

There will be no refund of entry fees. Entry fee will only be refunded in the event of category cancellation. If for any reason, the applicant registration is denied by the organizer before the competition date, entry fees will be full refunded.

5. Competition Schedule

– Send the registeration form to the Organizer before 15th Oct:


– Commendation round: Candidates upload the competition dance into youtube channel as unlist mode, send to ngan@saigondance.vn before 25th Oct 2018. The organizer will give the commendations and advices to the competitors about costumes, music, category, cultures, techniques, choreography… to help the candidates have better performance in Final round. However, this Commendation Round is not compulsory

– Final Round: In this round, the candidates have to be responsible for your performance. All the advices and commendation of the Organizers before the round is just a reference, not a final decision instead of the Judges Board Decision

6. Rehearsal

Time: To be advised later

The organizers will give the priority to the group performances. Solo later

Depend on the situation, in case can’t meet up the wish of the candidates for the Rehearsal, the Organizers’s decision will be the final one.

7. Final round: Estimated from 2pm to 10pm date 11th Nove 2018


– Amateurs: The candidates who are still learners

– Professional: 16 years old Above, working as a teacher or dancers to get paid oftenly. Especially the dancers who absolutely live on the income from performing or teaching activity. The professional dancers are not allowed to compete in amateur category but amateur dancers or candidates who are younger under 16 years old can register to compete in Professional category.

8. Awards and Judge Board



The next VietNam Belly dance Festival, the Benefits of the winners if the organizer continue to host:

– The Champion of amateur solo will be awarded of 1 full workshop pass

– The Champion of Professional solo of 3 dances will be invited as a teacher to teach 1 workshop and get a full workshops pass

– The Champion of Professional solo of 3 dances in 2 continuous festivals will be invited to be the Judge of the Professional category, teach 1 workshop and Full workshop pass.

– The Choreographer of the 6 performances that won the champion in 2 continuous seasons will be invited to be the Judge of the Professional Category, teach 1 workshop and 1 Full workshops pass.

9. The candidates are not allowed to use the stuff that is harmful for other candidates and affect to the job of the Organizers like Powder, water, fire leading to big fire, sharpen nife, electric that hurt human… If violates, the candidate has to manage herself the damage

10. Rule of the Professional Category

There are 3 bads of Professional Category, the candidates can choose 1, 2 or 3 bads to compete

– Folkric: Egyptian folk (Bedouin/Hagallah, Ghawazee, Nubian, Saidi, Fellahin, Moulid) Non – Eyptian Folk (Lebanese or Iraq Dabke, Kawleya, Khaleej , and Egyptian Balady, Shaabi (exclude Mahraganat Shaabi), Melaya Leff, Suez canal/simsimiyya, Muwashahat

– Oriental: Classic Oriental, Drum Solo, Pop Oriental. (If the candidate use the veil, it shouldn’t be longer than 35% the duration of the performance)

–  Contemporary

+ Fusion: (The candidate needs to acclaim clearly which style that she fuses with. Not with Modern dance, contemporary dance).

+ Fantasy: (Can dance with Wing, double veil, fan veil, swords….)

11. How to judge

The marks should be round. 10 Marks each

– For Kids, Children and Amateur category

Techniques Outstanding

Make up)

Performance and Feeling, contact with the audience Music

(On music, feeling and interpreting, match of music to the style of dance)

– For Professional Category.


Styles of dance



Make up)

Performance and Feeling, contact with the audience Music

(On music, feeling and interpreting)

* Choreography (Optional from 1-3 marks)


– In group, there are 1 more point: synchronization

– The marks will be the total

– *: If the candidate using her own choreography, she will be rewarded 1-3 marks more.

12. To get the prize: Be in cash or bank transfer to the candidates within Nov 2018

13. The organizers hold the rights to use image, name and performances of the candidates before, during and after the competition to run the Promotion for the Festival and the activities of the owner of the Festival without asking for permissions and paying any fees.

14. Others

Bring your identification card, proof of payment, reference numbers, release form and other relevant documents.

15. The candidates must be responsible for their own belongings.


The decision for the Organizers will be the final decision.

Organizer: SaigonDance



Ms Trần Thị Kim Ngân – 0982.62.62.62ngan@saigondance.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008897200024

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