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Viet Nam Belly dance Festival 2018

8 – 11th Nov, 2018 in Hồ Chí Minh city, Việt Nam



Việt Nam Belly dance Festival 2018 is the 5th Festival continuing the success of previous 4 festivals held by SaigonDance. The event inludes Gala Show, Competition, and Workshops

+ Performance: Held on 8th Nov at Nhà Thiếu Nhi 139 Bắt Hải, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh city

Including 2 parts:

– Open Stage estimated to be held from 4-6pm, for the students who want to perrform but don’t register full workshops. Fee to perform on this stage: 20usd before 1st Oct, after that the fee will be 30usd. The Open stage just can be held while at least min 15 performances are registered

– Gala Show with stars: Estimated to be held from 7pm to 10pm, including the performance of Super stars, judges, special guests and solo/group that registered for full workshops.

+ Competition: Estimated to be held from 2pm until 10pm date 11th Nov, at Nhà Thiếu Nhi 139 Bắt Hải, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh city. The competition categories are:

♦️ Junior
♦️ Senior
♦️ Amateur
♦️ Professional

Each categories will be devided into solo and group. We have the rules on Age, content of the performance, fee, rewards, how to judge… on the link below:



With the leading of the 3 famous masters from 3 different continents: Tommy King (Egypte), Igor Kischka (Brazil), Maggie Jerome (Hong Kong)

The program includes 7 workshops, lasts in 17.5 hours 

📍 Individuals, group who expect to join the festival, feel free to contact with us through following channels:

👉 Registeration form


Contact: ms Ngân 0982.62.62.62ngan@saigondance.vn

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