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Belly Dance


Belly dance is the “specialty” subject of Saigon Dance Center from its first days of establishment in 2008. So far, the center is considered the birthplace and the top professional dance training center for belly dance in Ho Chi Minh City. Ms Ngan Nancy, Director of the center, one of the veteran belly dance teachers along side with professional teachers from the Czech Republic, Ukraine will bring you interesting experiences an lighten the passion about belly dance in you.

Belly Dance 1


Belly dance classes in Saigon Dance are organized in a very methodical way, according to each level of students, from basics such as Belly Dance 1, Belly Dance 2, Belly Dance 3 and Belly Dance 4 to coach training classes and specialized acts. Corresponding to each class are the movements with difficulty and sophistication gradually increase. So if you are new to this subject, you won’t have to worry about whether you can keep up with other students. The center’s customer service team will always enthusiastically advise you of the most suitable class with a warm and hospitable attitude.


We understand that one of the most important factors to help you get inspired to learn belly dance is the classroom and the interior. The belly dance classes of Saigon Dance Center is designed with wooden floors to create a smoothness for the feet in each step. Interior decoration motifs typical Middle East to help students feel like they are blending into a bold space of “Persian”. The classrooms always have air conditioners so that students always feel the most comfortable.


Learning belly dance at Saigon Dance, you are not only taught wholeheartedly by Ms Ngan – Center Director, the first person to bring belly dance to Vietnam from Egypt but also be exposed to the veteran belly dance teachers and dancers come from various countries in the world.

With a simple thought: “To learn the essence of the belly dance, learn from the best people in the world.” That’s the reason we created the first belly dance class with foreign teacher in Saigon Dance, to make a change in the Vietnamese belly dance community.

Belly Dance 2


Belly dance is a dance in the Middle East, originating from Egypt. Since Belly dance is often understood as dancing with belly, it is not accurate because in this dance, although there are many different schools, most of them are not belly dance, but rather hip and pelvic area are the focus of the dance (more accurately, the belly is just a “side part”).


– Hips: created by moving knees FAST (some dancers use buttocks). Next is the shoulder is also shaking a lot in the combos.

– Hand shaking: a very important move in Belly dance. It helps to enhance the beauty and charming of dancers. In many movements, the hands are shaken smoothly according to the vibrations of each part of the body.

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