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MODERN DANCE was introduced to Vietnam from the late 20th century to the early 21st century (early 90s of the last century) by overseas students, focusing mostly on hip-hop dance. At the beginning, this interesting street sport was enjoyed and learned by young people, but it was not highly appreciated by the parents and society. About 10 years ago, modern dance has become popular all over the world and Vietnam was gradually exposed to new genres such as popping, hip-hop, Kpop … or also called together: Modern Dance.

Modern dance was introduced into Vietnam when the legendary singer Michael Jackson became a phenomenon all over the world including Vietnamese young people with his singing as well as soulful dance moves. The process of developing modern dance in Vietnam today is also changed according to global development. It is no coincidence that since the introduction into Vietnam, this art has quickly attracted a huge number of fans.


Its appeal comes firstly from the flexibility yet decisiveness of each movement. Flexibility is not only expressed in the arms or legs movement but also in all parts of the body. You can choose any music you like, the latest Grammy’s songs or the music from your favorite movie are all good, as long as you can coordinate the movements accordingly.

If you still wonder what modern dance is, there is another explanation that is much easier to understand. It also takes advantage of the flexibility of the body like ballet but focuses on weights to perform movements, not focusing on gentle movements such as ballet. The “shrinking and relaxing” technique created by Martha Graham is still considered as the main principle – the guideline for modern dance techniques to develop later on. It makes modern dance look very flexible and graceful.


The beauty of this dance has not been lost despite its easy-to-learn nature, no fixed principles or popularity. The difficulty of it is how to express the soul of the dancer in each movement, flexible but powerful. The lacking of principles has created a very wide performing range for dancers. They are not forced into a frame of anything and can be creative, as long as they fit the song.

Those who create choreography for this type of dance often design movements and coordinate the them of each body part accordingly. How the arm is placed to match the footwork, or how to move the dance steps according to the rhythm, is also emphasized. Facial expressions are also studied because it affects viewers’ experience. The movements of each song will be given to the dancer to practice and the dancer is the last person to give their own sense of the dance steps for the choreographer to adjust accordingly.

Fashion and the style of dancers are also factors contributing to the difference between this dance form and other arts. The environment of modern dance is an important factor. The presence of many young people with the same passion, hobby is where you can easily make friends, have fun chatting after school or stressful working hours.

Vietnamese young people also caught up quickly with the development trend of global modern dance. It is suitable for everyone at all ages. The initial exercises are quite easy, music makes the listeners feel excited quickly, which is the premise for natural dance steps afterwards. However, in order to become a professional dancer, it requires hard training and natural talent. They have to invest a lot of time and effort to reach the level of a professional dancer.

The flexibility with songs creates a solid position for modern dance in the industry. Many dance groups are established show that the demand of society with this subject is quite large. The customers of professional dancers are singers who want to illustrate their songs better; bars or clubs owners who want to attract more guests. Even some of the state’s major art shows included many beautiful modern dance performances. Some dancers are well trained in domestic art schools, then transform themselves according to their own experiences, others study on their own, or only attend small self-study groups. Well-trained dancers who have won high rankings in dance competitions are always in a “full booked” situation.

More and more young people are pursuing modern dance, because it possesses superior benefits

+ The dance moves help the body to be flexible

+ Attractive music, help you to release your body, have fun, dispel all stress and fatigue

+ Modern dance perfectly combines the physical movements and facial expressions to liberate emotions in each person.

+ Modern dance today no longer holds the boundaries of age or gender, anyone who loves can participate in the practice.

+ Moreover, modern dance helps us to be healthy, get fit and be happy.


Modern dance at SaigonDance focusing on simple movements, according to the character of the choreographer, on any background of music. It can be used to dance with singers or independent performances on the stage.

Learning at SaigonDance, you will quickly immerse yourself in the music, feel the positive changes in your physique and mental. Teachers who are knowledgeable and experienced will follow up, guide you with each movement, show you how to feel the music and show expression on your face.


+ Experienced instructors who are famous choreographers and dancers in the country

+ Large facilities, clean, beautifully decorated classrooms and perfect sound system

+ Free water and professional customer care team

+ A dynamic and friendly environment, with many opportunities to connect with people

+ Flexible class schedule with multiple study shifts in any days of the week

Reasonable tuition fees

+ In addition, SaigonDance also has private classes, group lessons and choreography as required

+ Just prepare a cool sneakers or any soft loafers with a comfortable outfit, you will quickly integrate into the world of music, flexible movements and feel the energy from from your body.

Modern dance at SaigonDance not only gives you an ideal physique, flexibility, but also fullfils young people who love dancing.

So what are you waiting for, come and register a course to test yourself with exciting dance moves.

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+ Saigondance 94 – 96 Second street, Ward 4, District 3

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